To My Former Best Friend

We knew each other for seven  years. Seven years!  And for those seven years you were the best friend i could ever havr asked for. You were always there for me in my darkest hours. And i was always there for you. Yeah, me and your brother were cool, but i started coming over more and more just to hang out with you. We had some great times together. I thought we would be friends forever, how couldnt we? We had such awesome chemistry and just clicked so well. Your brother started to go down a bad path, but you were smart. And even as he and i drifted, you and i grew closer. But one day, i screwed up. Well, your brother and i screwed up. We got into some trouble, i had to pay a fine and couldnt contact your bro for 2 months. Honestly,  i was scared to ever talk to yall again, i thought yall would hate me. But i tried to talk to you after a while. But i got your boyfriend instead, he said you never wanted to speak to me again. I was so hurt, but i had to know, i had to hear it from you. So i came over. I begged for you to just give me a chance to explain. I begged you to hear me out. But you wouldn’t.  You said i had abandoned you. But i didnt, i thought of you every single day up to that point. You left almost right after i got there. And that was the last time i ever saw you. And i was crushed.

Its been 3 years now. And today i ran into your dad at the store. He told me you werent doing too well for yourself.
Dating jerk after jerk, moving in and out with each. At one point living on the street. Just making all kinds of bad decisions and doing a lot of dumb stuff. And i thought back to how i used to be there to keep you out of trouble. How, if we were still friends maybe youd be better off. And i blamed myself for your troubles.  But then i realized. You never called me or anything in those two months. Where were you? You said i abandoned you? You never even tried to contact me. And when I came to see you that day, you wouldnt even bother listen to my story. No, you ran off with some chump just like you always did. I tried. I tried so hard for you, but you couldnt be bothered to do the same for me. Best friend?  Yeah right. I know chances are youll never see this, and honestly, i dont care one way or the other. Im only posting this because there is a moral that maybe someone in a similar situation as me can learn, and because i just need to vent right now. But in the end, im happy.  I have better friends now, i know where i will be sleeping tomorrow,  and just generally am better off than you. Had you given me that chance, maybe youd be better off but you didn’t.  So you get what you get, and i feel no guilt.

The moral is, that, if you try to save any sort of relationship,  if you put so much effort to save it but the other person wont be bothered to do the same, you are better off without them. As much as it may hurt at first,  youll feel better soon, and they will eventually realize the error of their ways, of course then itll be too late.

And to that former friend, some last words.  I have no hard feelings against you, in fact to quote “You” by Bad Religion “…i wish you the best of luck dear. Drop a card or a letter to my side of town” . Sincerely,  your former best friend

I honestly feel bad playing as Trevor in GTA V. Like, you walk around with him, and everywhere you go people are talking about how much of a freak he is, and all kinds of awful things, and granted, no, he is no saint, but there is plenty to prove that he does have a good heart…at times. Its sad to see how the people of LS treat him, i want to just give him a hug…after being sure there are no sharp objects nearby

I honestly look forward to the day science figures out how to record our dreams so we can rewatch them. I want this not only to be possible,  but to happen soon.  Ive had some pretty cool dreams id love to re-experience. Can this happen soon please?